Special Education Needs (SEN)


Policies, resources, and support measures of implementing whole-school approach to integrated education – school-based version


Our school adopts "Whole School Approach" to support students with special educational needs in order to enhance students' learning effectiveness and help them integrate into school life.

The Student Support Team is coordinated by the SENCO to examine the planning and development of the school's Integrated Education. Members include counselling teachers, social worker and Educational Psychologist to develop support policies. To support students with special educational needs, the School has been allocated “Learning Support Grant” as additional resource by the Education Bureau to provide the following support measures:

1. Refer students who are suspected of having special education needs to make case assessments and update cases.

2. Special examination and assessment arrangements for students with special educational needs, including provision of extra exam time, enlargement of test papers and support for examinations with screen-reading software, and applying special examination arrangements for students for their public examinations.

3. Find various kinds of service providers to offer students with individual or group treatments, such as “speaking skills training”, “social skills training”, “executive functioning training” and etc.

4. The Individual Education Plan is designed for students with special education needs. The class teacher, the subject teachers, the Education Psychologist, the social worker and the parents will jointly formulate the support plan, curriculum and teaching adjustment, regular review and follow-up progress.

5. Arrange for different kinds of remedial learning groups to prepare students for the exam.

6. Teaching assistants are employed to support students with special educational needs outside the classroom.