Vision & Mission


To be one of the best schools in the territory to provide high quality whole-person education for students.


Our school, founded in the year 1962, is an Anglican Church School that fully embraces the Christian ethos. As a Christian school, Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School believes in honoring the innate value of every individual created by God. The school motto is HYPOMONE, the Greek word meaning "perseverance, forgiveness and tolerance", all important Christian virtues.

At the heart of this school community lies the belief that each student is unique and valuable. Based on Christian values, our school and teachers provide ample opportunities and an ideal environment to engage students in a balanced education that embraces morality, intelligence, physical development, social awareness, aesthetics and spirituality. We are dedicated to nurturing a future generation of young people who are compassionate and responsible, as well as independent thinkers.