Healthy School Policy



To promote students' overall well-being by fostering healthy lifestyles, positive attitudes and values, and developing life skills and refusal strategies to resist temptation.

Activities held for students in 2022-23

1.   Anti-drug Activities

To help students develop positive thinking and understand the dangers of drug abuse and addiction, the School of Nursing and Health Studies from the Hong Kong Metropolitan University held two identical anti-drug workshops in our school. The first workshop took place on 1 March 2023 and was intended for F.2 students, while the second workshop was held on 3 July 2023 for F.1 students. During the two-hour workshops, not only did the students watch videos based on true stories of addiction from teenagers, but they also played AR games to acquire anti-drug knowledge. The most exciting part was virtually experiencing the negative side effects of different types of drugs through playing VR games. Professor Tse from the University emphasized the key points and reminded students never to take drugs under any circumstances. The workshops were highly enjoyable for students and provided them with valuable insights.


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“Joyful Scheme” for Junior Form Students

A wide range of activities were organized by the school social workers under the comprehensive program entitled Joyful Scheme for F.1-3 students. They included a total of 21 sessions of board games and handicraft works, as well as a war game activity and nine sessions of voluntary services.

Workshops on Preparing for HKDSE (Psychological Support) for F.6 Students

Two identical workshops were conducted in Religious Studies (RS) lessons for F.6AB and F.6CD students in early November 2022. They primarily focused on essential points about JUPAS, provided information about pursuing an associate degree, and introduced self-care methods that students could engage in.

Mental Health Talk for F.3 to F.5 Students

The Mental Health Talk was held on 6 January 2023. The aim was to help students understand their mental well-being and learn tips to cope with stress while enhancing resilience in response to different challenges.

Mental Wellness Workshops for F.5 Students

The F.5 Mental Wellness Workshops were conducted in RS lessons by the school social workers in February 2023. These workshops covered common mental illnesses that typically affect adolescents, introduced self-assessment methods for identifying such conditions, provided stress reduction techniques, and included a session on Zentangle.

Cyber Sexual Workshops for F.2 and F.3 Students

The Cyber Sexual Workshops were also conducted in RS lessons by the school social workers. These workshops addressed topics such as online scammers' techniques, sexual issues in romantic relationships (including sharing nude photos and engaging in sexual activities), and the fundamental principles of love and relationships.

Student Mental Health Support Scheme (SMHSS) for F.4 Students

Under the SMHSS, the psychiatric nurse from the Hospital Authority collaborated with the school to conduct an annual screening for our F.4 students in January 2023. The primary objective was to identify and offer early support to students with emotional problems, as well as provide appropriate support services including educational talks, group work, case assessment and consultation to foster students’ mental health and personal growth.

To adopt a whole-school approach to address students’ emotional needs

There was close collaboration among Form teachers, subject teachers, the Discipline Team, Counselling Team, School Social Workers and Educational Psychologist. Joint effort was made to address students’ emotional needs, and timely action was taken including contacting parents for family support.

The Educational Psychologist engaged actively in both case consultation and assessment. He also conducted a professional development workshop for teachers on crisis management on 27 March 2023. Moreover, the school-based Speech Therapy Service, which included individual assessment, speech training and group therapy, proved effective in aiding SEN students in making significant progress in language fluency and communication skills.

Other activities were held during the school year

To promote students’ mental wellness and increase positive energy. A series of activities were organized to help students relieve their stress. For example:


·       Orientation on the school social work service for F.1 students


·       Herbarium Pens and Cloud Lights mental health workshops for F.1-3 students


·       Workshops on peer relationships and mental wellness for F.2 students


·       A mental health workshop organized by KELY Support Group for F.3-5 students


·       Mental Wellness Program for F.5 classes


·       Workshop on Experiencing Zentangle for F.5 students


·       “Cheer You Up” Program for F.1-5 students before the Final Examination

Activities held for teachers in 2022-23

Relaxation activities were held for teachers during the first Staff Development Day on 28 October 2022. On that day, teachers had the opportunity to choose from a variety of relaxation activities, including listening to melodious music to soothe their soul, participating in different ball games to release stress and improve physical well-being, participating in aerobic exercise to strengthen muscles and enhance physical health, playing board games to promote peer communications, and enjoying a film show.

Activities held for parents in 2022-23