Economics is an elective offered to students in the New Senior Secondary School curriculum.

Economics is the study of allocation of limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants.

Teachers use various creative teaching methods to sharpen students’ skills of economic reasoning in an unbiased and rational manner and to bring its applicability to situations around them.

Many universities and employers acknowledge the strong academic potential the study of economics offers and its useful and transferable skills.


Knowledge and understanding

Students will develop knowledge and understanding about: 

(a) economic terminology and concepts, as well as elementary economic theories; 

(b) basic economic problems faced by every individual and society, and alternative approaches to tackling these problems; 

(c) the considerations and forces underlying the economic decisions that need to be taken by individuals, firms, institutions and governments; 

(d) the interactions of different economic sectors; and 


(e) the Hong Kong economy and its relationship with the economies of other parts of the nation and the world.