After-school Homework Detention

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After-school Homework Detention

1. The detention class runs from 3:40pm to 4:40pm for students on normal school days. When the school adopts the special time-table, the class runs from 2:30pm to 3:30pm for students.

2. Subject teachers will inform the students of the detention class themselves. After the detention, the information will be recorded in individual students' discipline records in the eClass Intranet.


3. At 3:40pm/ 2:30pm the teacher assistant supervises the detention class in Room 106 and takes attendance.


4. Students who have finished the assignments have to show the assignments to the teacher assistant and subsequently with his/her approval, the students can leave earlier. Students who have not finished the assignments by the end of the detention class should finish the assignments at home and hand them in to the subject teachers themselves the next day.


5. After the detention class, the teacher assistant dispatches the assignments to the teachers concerned and notifies the teachers/discipline teachers of any discipline cases. The teachers concerned will take appropriate measures.


6. Students must attend the homework detention class when they are asked to do so. If they have problems, they must discuss them with the subject teachers concerned or the Discipline Master.