Annual Speech Day 2023

Date: 20/01/2024

Our school's annual Speech Day took place on 12th January 2024 at Shiu Kin Hall, amidst warm and pleasant weather, creating the perfect setting for a memorable occasion. Dressed in smart suits and elegant attire, the graduates gathered before the official programme commenced, enjoying tea refreshments and mingling with teachers and parents.


The ceremony began with Mr. Louis Pong leading the congregation in an opening prayer, followed by an opening address from our new School Supervisor, the Revd. Christine Ho. The principal's comprehensive annual report highlighted the school's achievements and acknowledged the collective efforts of students and staff.


We were honoured to have Professor Allan Yuen Hoi Kau, President of Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education, and Mr. Richard Y. S. Tang, GBS, JP, son of the late Sir Tang Shiu Kin, as our esteemed Guests of Honour. Prof. Yuen inspired students to learn how to apply technology to lifelong learning, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a grateful heart and care for people around us. Following his thought-provoking speech, Prof. Yuen presented certificates to the graduates, while Mr. Tang awarded prizes for outstanding achievements.


In his vote of thanks, the former Head Boy expressed his heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to all those who contributed to the students' success. The ceremony continued with captivating performances from the school choir and orchestra, showcasing the remarkable talent and dedication of the students.


Concluding the formal proceedings, the graduates seized the opportunity to capture cherished memories by taking photos with teachers and parents. The event was filled with joy and will be remembered as a truly unforgettable occasion. We sincerely hope that our graduates will continue to excel in their studies and pursue their dreams in life.

Annual Speech Day 2023