Date: 25/04/2024

After a five-year hiatus, our annual Walkathon has finally resumed, with approximately 600 guests, teachers, alumni, parents, and students coming together to participate in it. This year, we initiated a new tradition of inviting alumni with their year of graduation ending in 4 and 9 to join our Walkathon. The theme of this year's Walkathon is "Walk the Talk, Strive for a Cause." 


Prior to the walk, students were encouraged to set personal goals and strive to achieve them symbolically throughout the event. The Walkathon commenced with the exciting sight of drones flying from the entrance of the school hall, carrying balloons to be popped by our esteemed guests on stage. Following this, all participants tied their cards with their goals written to the wired fences of the basketball court before the walk. 


The Walkathon was a resounding success, with everyone exuding joy and determination as they completed the six-kilometer journey along Bowen Road.