• What is a language for if not to communicate?

    What is literature for if not to enrich and accommodate?

    At TSK we pride ourselves on everyday interaction and nurturing

    Our love of this adopted language and culture.


    Teachers take pains, students toil

    For the pleasing performance we deserve.

    English is our medium of instruction and a joy.

    Through it we learn and play, interact and serve.


    We read books and materials short and long.

    We listen to debate speeches and English songs.

    And to teachers rambling on,

    We spell, write and attack vocabulary lists.

    We recite, make speeches and tongue-twist.

    We have stories made up, poetry we cannot resist.

    We seriously study novels, films and plays,

    And hopefully learn to appreciate,

    (If not yet able to apply skills that examiners grade)

    The beauty of language use and sentiments to communicate.


    Then we celebrate in a carnival no less,

    When students and teachers mix and play, and freely chat

    In a language borrowed to communicate,

    In the mood of the culture we so embrace.