Leadership Training Camp 22-23

Date: 24/08/2023

Participating in on-campus posts and extra-curricular activities emphasises leadership. Not only does leadership makes you outstanding in your team, but it also brings up team spirit in which each of you could show your strengths. To incite student’s leadership and enhance multi-perspective thinking, a three-day leadership training camp was held in the school.


The camp was divided into two parts, voluntary social services and team building activities, which both contributed to enabling students to improve their cooperation within the group.


Students were divided into three groups to perform distinct voluntary services. To truly comprehend the essence of volunteering and perform their best, they needed to possess a genuine passion for the assigned voluntary service and a willingness to serve the community. Participating in voluntary service could be a defy for students since it requires both physical strength and communication skills. The support and encouragement of groupmates played a vital role in the completion of tasks.


When it comes to team-building activities, students strive to achieve a higher grade by completing tasks within a set timeframe. In order to overcome challenges such as differing opinions on achieving the highest grade, students had to exhibit strong teamwork and cooperation. Similarly, effective time management and communication with team members were essential for reaching a consensus and maintaining team cohesion. By working together to complete tasks, students formed stronger bonds with one another and developed a greater sense of belonging to the group, which in turn made them more engaged and proactive.


Offering a great variety of activities, we believe that every student in TSK have their own strengths to be a leader in different aspects. Strive for your gaols and be who you are!

Leadership Training Camp 22-23