Anti-drug Workshop

Date: 07/03/2023

Anti-drug Workshop – 青出於難工作坊


On 1 March 2023 afternoon, our F.2 students joined an anti-drug workshop organized by the Hong Kong Metropolitan University – School of Nursing and Health Studies. The workshop aimed at helping students develop positive thinking and understand the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. More than 10 staff from the university came to support the activity. 


In the 2-hour workshop, not only did the students watch videos based on true stories of addiction from teenagers, but they also played AR games to acquire anti-drug knowledge. The most exciting part was to virtually experience the negative side effects of taking different types of drugs through playing VR games. At the end of the activity, Professor Tse from the University highlighted the important points and reminded students never to take drugs no matter what the circumstances are. Students enjoyed the workshop very much and at the same time gained a lot from the activity.

Anti-drug Workshop - 青出於難工作坊