In the 2021 Hong Kong Physics Olympiad, Kwok Ching Yeung obtained 1st Honour, Hui Chank Pong obtained 3rd honour and Chu Ching Ip obtained Honourable mention for their outstanding performances in the contest.


The team also obtained Honorable Mentioned for Schools, which is based on the total scores of the Top 5 students from each participating school. Only 10 schools are awarded with this Honour each year.


Moreover, Kwok Ching Yeung has passed a series of selection tests and has been selected by the Education Bureau (EDB) to be one of the student contestants of the Hong Kong team to participate in the 22nd Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO 2022). He obtained Honourable mention in this competition.


Due to his success in the APhO, he has been selected by EDB again to represent Hong Kong to participate in the 52nd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO 2022), which was a global event organized by Switzerland. A total of 366 students from 76 countries or regions competed for the medals. He obtained a bronze medal in this competition. As a recognition of his achievement, a press release was issued by the EDB and can be viewed in the following link: