Environmental Infrastructure



Following the school improvement project, the school has improved the environmental infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of environmental education. 

Our school has implemented the greening project to serve the purposes of not only beautifying the school campus, but also increasing its ecological value and providing an educational venue for our students.
 In the indoor areas
In the school office, classrooms and staff rooms, small potted plants, such as Marigold and Scarlet Sage, and interior plants are cultivated. In the corridors, hanging baskets planted with flowers, such as Begonias, Impatiens and so on, are placed to create a beautiful and comfortable visual image.
                                                                                 Growing plant in the classroom            Growing plants along the corridor
In the outdoor areas
A variety of plants have been selected to grow in almost every corner of the outdoor areas, such as the area near the school gates, playground and likewise. The following plan shows the distribution of the major greening areas in the outdoor areas.




                      Ecological Garden


The school lawn is an open area partly sheltered by tall trees, such as the Flame of the Forest which has an umbrella-shaped crown. They provide not only a shelter but also a wildlife habitat for many birds. In recent years, fruit trees, including mango and papaya have grown and their

fruits are edible.


Tree Species on the School Lawn 



A variety of plant species, especially nectar-producing plants and butterfly host plants have been growing in the garden plots to attract different species of butterflies and other insects. This can increase the biodiversity and ecological value of the school campus and provide a site for environmental education.



                                                                                                                        Butterflies on the plants

                  Natural Trail

With the help of the students’ parents, the new annex has been planted with potted greenery to beautify the school campus and create an atmosphere of environmental conservation. Near the hall, the Nature 

Trail has been set up. Apart from the installation of a specimen box, different flora species have grown and are labelled to enable students to cherish, love the plants, understand the importance of biodiversity

and increase their awareness of nature conservation.


                                                                                             Nature Trail

              Greening Activities

Every year, our school joins the Greening School Award Scheme and the ‘One Person, One Flower’ Scheme organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR. Greening activities are organized to cultivate students’ interest in growing plants and increase their enthusiasm for greening the school campus.


                                                             ‘One Student, One Flower’ Scheme                     Inter-class Plant-growing Competition


Environmental facilities

Facilities for dissemination of environmental information

  1. The notice board on the fourth floor is used to show green tips and environmental news or information based on the annual theme set by the Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme. 

(2)   The notice board on the ground floor is used to display the school’s environmental policy and guidelines as well as environmental activities held by external organizations.

(3)   The spacious environment in the library has enabled us to install the environmental education corner where students can read the books, pamphlets, brochures and CD-ROMs produced by the relevant government departments, tertiary institutes and non-governmental organizations.

Facilities for promoting environmentally friendly behaviour

  1. The recycling boxes for waste paper are available in classrooms and staff rooms. All members in the school can dispose of waste paper for recycling easily. 

  1. To support the ‘Sources Separation of Waste and Waste Reduction Scheme’ organized by the Environmental Protection Department, an iron cage has been set up near the car park for waste paper collection. 

  1. Drinking fountains are provided with the purpose of reducing the use of plastic water bottles.