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School Objectives

School Objective
本年度的學年主題是「勵志篤學  愛己及人」,學校希望同學專心致志,用心於學,培養自主學習能力,精益求精。另外,學校鼓勵學生要懂得愛惜自己,亦要學習欣賞自己,然後推己及人,以助人為樂,培養美德。
This year’s school objective is ‘Determined to learn and achieve. Love yourself, love others.’ The school hopes that students can learn eagerly, focusing on their goals. They are to develop an ability to direct their own learning while striving for excellence. The school also encourages students to love themselves. They should first appreciate their own worth and thus be driven to appreciate others. Their virtues are developed as they find joy in helping others.

School Objective
慎思明辨  逆境自強
A Critical Mind Makes You Wiser    Resilience Makes You Stronger
本年度的學年主題是「慎思明辨 逆境自強」。在現今資訊發達的年代,同學需要謹慎思考,明確分辨資料的真確性,達到真正治學之道。而面對逆境及人生挫折時,須敢於面對,克服挑戰,培養堅毅精神。
The school theme of this year is ‘A Critical Mind Makes You Wiser    Resilience Makes You Stronger’. In an age of information abundance, students need to think critically with prudence, so that they can judge the reliability of any source and eventually be a true learner. In times of adversity and diffi­culty, they need to combat challenges face to face with courage and subsequently grow in resilience.

School Objective
學思並重  尚德慎行
Learn with an inquisitive mind.  Act with Prudence.
本年度的學年主題是「學思並重 尚德慎行」,學校希望學生靈活運用所學的知識,謹慎思考,養成良好的學習態度和習慣。另外,學生亦要謹言慎行,培養高尚的品德情操,達致全人發展。
The school theme of this year is ‘Learn with an inquisitive mind. Act with Prudence.’ It is hoped that TSK students can flexibly apply what they have learned and think prudently in order to form good learning attitude and habits. At the same time, our students are expected to be careful with their words and act with prudence. We encourage them to live with noble character and conduct, which is essential to their whole person development.

School Objective
認定目標  追求卓越  關愛社群
Identify your goal  Strive for excellence  Love your neighbour
本年度的學年主題是「認定目標  追求卓越  關愛社群」,學校希望學生訂下明確及清晰的目標,抱著一顆追求卓越的心,為自己目標奮鬥。另外,亦要積極弘揚關愛社群的精神,服務社會。
The school theme this year is “Identify your goal. Strive for excellence. Love your neighbour”. We hope that our students can set precise and clear goals that guide them to devote their energy and time to striving for excellence. We also wish to see them play an enthusiastic role in spreading love and serving others in society.