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Subject Project No. Period Perion-in-charge
Use of New Technology for School
Administrative Work
2007-0260 6/08-5/09 Mr.Kerry Chan
TSK Campus TV 2005-0374 1/7/06-31/8/08 Mr.W.H.Chou
Enhancement of IT Infrastructure
(with matching funds from school)
2006-6217 2004-2008 Ms.Lily Ng
Information System to Support the
Management and Operations of
Extra-curricular Activities, Focusing on
Sports Function
1998-4239 1/10/01-30/09/02 Mr.C.Y.Lau
Multi-media Learning Centre 2000-1248 1/7/01 – 31/12/02 Ms.Lily Ng
Remodeling the Science Laboratory for
Interactive Teaching & Learning in the 21st
2000-1245 1/7/01 – 28/2/03 Mr.K.L.Li
Ensuring Enhancement of English
Language Across the Curriculum through
Professional Teacher Development
  2001-2003 Mr.Philip Leetch
Grants for Procurement of Notebook
Computers for Loan to Needy students
  4/01 Ms.Lily Ng
Internet for Learning 1998-4246 1/5/99-30/4/01 Mr.David Lo