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1.   Proposed environmental activities (2018-19)
2.   Duties of an environmental monitor in each class
                                                                                                      Proposed Annual Activities (2018-19)
Environmental education activities
Date / Period
Target participants
1. To develop students’ awareness of environmental problems at local, national and global levels
Air pollution
  • Project "Community EXPLORE: From Science to Action"
Oct 2018 – Jul 2019
F.3-5 students
Water pollution
  • Blue Green Ambassador Programme
20 Dec 2018
24 F.1-3 students
Climate change
  • Visit to the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change
  • Pamphlet / Bookmark design Competition
  Title: ‘Climate change: what can we do to reduce the impact on wildlife?’
26 Jan 2019
May 2019
F.1-5 students
F.3 students
Nature and biodiversity
  • Hong Kong Inter-school City Nature Challenge
  • Urban Planner @ Deep Bay
5-8 Nov 2018
2 Jan 2019
F.3-5 students
F.4-5 students
2. To provide
  different platforms
for students to  
friendly behavior
Waste management
  • ‘Bring your own reusable bottles’ day
  • Collecting waste paper and plastic bottles in the school campus
  • Workshop on upcycling
26 Oct 2018
Whole year
Jan / Feb 2019
F.1-5 students
Whole school
F.1-5 students
Carbon reduction
  • Inter-class plant-growing competition
  • Inter-class searching for environmental facilities on Campus Competition
Jan – Mar 2019
Nov 2019
F.1-5 students
F.1 students
Conservation of nature and biodiversity
  • Environment and Conservation Fund & UNESCO (HK) Marine Conservation Programme in the GeoPark:
  • Talk on marine conservation
  • Geosweep in Sam Mun Tsai
9 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018
F.3-4 students
F.3-5 students
Environmental education activities
Date / Period
Target participants
3. To help students to develop a sustainable community with a balance of economic development, social harmony and environmental conservation
‘Going Green, Loving Green’ Programme
  • Organic farming with the elderly I
  • Organic farming with the elderly II
  • Environmental workshops with the elderly
  • Workshop on making wreaths
  • Bonsai workshop
  • Green tour with the elderly
16 Oct 2018
9 Nov 2018
20 Nov 2018
22 Jan 2019
28 Dec 2018
F.1-5 students
F.1-5 students
F.1-5 students
F.1-5 students
F.1-5 students
To cope with the school’s theme of building up a harmonious relationship with an environment, environmental monitors are elected to supervise students in their classes to make their lifestyles that are conducive to the sound management of the classroom environment in the following aspects:
--clealiness of the classroom
--waste management practice
--energy conservation practice
The environmental monitors should ensure that:
--classroom is kept litter-free, clean and tidy.
--waste paper for recycling purposes is placed in the waste paper collection box. The box is kept clean and tidy, without an overflow of paper.
--all electrical appliances must be switched off during hall assembly, at lunchtime and after school when they are not in use.
--the room temperature should be kept at 23℃ or above. 
--If there are any environmental problems that cannot be resolved, environmental monitors should inform their form teachers for their necessary action.