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VOT visits
Regular visits would be held to serve elderly and the needy of the Wan Chai district. 
5 min Civic Ed morning
5 min Civic Ed morning sharings would be conducted in the morning assemblies to let students know more about current social issues, enhance their socio-political awareness and participation.
Civic Education Award
Recognizing the outstanding performance of F.1 to F.3 students in the aspects of personal trait, social awareness and voluntary service.
Promoting National identity
Learning the national anthem
Display the National Flag on special days of the school
Reading books about the Basic Law, Chinese culture, history, geography, tribes and stories of famous Chinese scientists and leaders, etc.
Showing videos on the development and challenges of  modern China during LS lessons
Inter-class quiz on the Baisc Law and news stories
Conducting the Inter-class quiz on the Basic Law and news stories together with the Current Affairs Club in the second term.
Lunch time video sharing
Videos regarding moral values, e.g. respect, trust, etc. would be given to the TSK studio and be broadcast during lunch break.  
Reading session
Reading materials with reflective questions regarding moral values and civic education would also be given to the Library committee and provided for students during reading sessions.  
Joint activities with external organizations
Life wide learning activity jointly organized with the LS department – visiting the old villages at Shek Wu District
Participating in various project learning competitions / video production / external competition of writing commentary and opinion articles